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Embossing – See Our Gallery

This Brochure has been Spot UV Varnished and debossed on SRA2 matt laminated sheets
Our Inhouse Mailer, Including, Soft Touch Laminate, Foil Blocking, Emboss, Screen Print, UV Varnish, Litho Print.
Foil Blocked and Embossed Crests for invites and stationery
Blind Embossed on 200gsm white stock
Blind Embossed pattern on 200gsm white stock
Foil Blocked and debossed into a recycled board, photo frame

In a class of its own

Embossing creates a raised image on paper or board and gives a stunning effect. With multilevel and sculptured dies the result can be quite spectacular.

Embossed business cards make a fantastic first impression in business world. Debossing creates an indented look which can be used on thicker materials and book covers giving an appearance of a quality product.

When foiled and then embossed images throw the light in different directions creating an effect which really stands out.

The thicker the lines the higher the emboss –¬†very thin lines will only raise the emboss¬†half as high as the thickness of the line.