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Foiling – See Our Gallery

Foil Blocked in holographic foil with a Uni-fraction etched die onto ebony stock
Foil Blocked in Black foil on 400gsm Popset black
Foil blocked and laser cut in to a very delicate butterfly on a pure black stock
Foil Blocked in Metallic Blue on Litho Printed Invites
Invite Foil Blocked in Diffraction Foil
Foil blocked in a metallic blue foil
Event Invitation Foil blocked in gold and clear, Laser cut, scored folded
Foil Blocked in Matt Yellow and Black on 560gsm Ebony Stock
Invite Foil Blocked in Brass Foil on Leather Look Litho Printed Sheets
Foil Blocking on to Wooden Sheets


Stand out from the crowd…

Foil is available in a huge range of colours and textures, not just standard golds and silvers. Variations of foil come in matt, pearlescent, diffraction, and glossy finishes. Not only does it provide a uniquely vibrant image with depth, foiling can be applied to a much larger range of materials in comparison to ink. A clear foil is available giving a finish similar to UV varnish but at a more competitive price.

Foil blocking on stationery and promotional items adds a certain quality which can be a great benefit to companies in today’s competitive market. It also allows the graphic artist greater scope to enhance designs by adding bright or subtle finishes using foil or foil and embossing.

For security of tickets, gift vouchers certificates etc. foil blocking gives excellent protection. There are several methods used, talk to us about your requirements. A wide range of materials can be foiled including leather and plastic. Impressions have flat bed machines which can accommodate a range of made up items.

Foiling is an environmentally friendly process. It doesn’t use solvents or inks and does not create any harmful vapors.