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The ability to cut more intricately and precisely than conventional die cutting…

With laser cutting and engraving there is no end to the creativity and effects that can be achieved. Engraving and cutting signs, instrument panels table decorations or key fobs in plastic, wood, glass or aluminum. Laser cutting brochures, letterheads, business cards, invitations or wedding stationery – the list is endless. A fine, clean. accurate depth of cut is achieved by software controlled adjustment of both the cutting speed and the power output of the laser cut. The control of cutting is so accurate, even kiss cutting of labels is possible. Laser cutting is very cost effective with a low set up charge and no minimum run. The laser cut is very accurate and repeatable which means whatever the quantity it will always be cut in minute detail, as delicate as lace, and always to a very high standard with no notching normally found in die cutting.

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