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Remoist Gumming

Re-moist gumming, also known as lick and stick, is a specialised type of gluing where adhesive gum is applied to an area of the sheet of paper to allow subsequent sealing by the end-user. Gum is normally activated by moistening or licking causing the gum to become sticky and it can be sealed to another part of the material.

It is also known as horseshoe gumming because of the three-sided U-shape usually used for fold-over reply slips, often used for posting.

Can be used for a wide range of applications including envelopes, application forms, direct mail response forms, warranty registration and so much more.

We can apply re-moist gum up B2 sheet size.


Duplexing lets you literally build your own one-of-a-kind material, by bonding two or more papers or boards together to form a single board.

 Duplexing usually takes place after the sheets have been printed, foiled or embossed. The process creates a thicker, more rigid final material, which can be double sided or reveal a middle colour on the edge. Duplexing creates a finish not found in a single sheet and has a visual and a feel that gets noticed. Duplexed Business Cards and Invitations are very much in fashion.

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