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  • Artwork should be sharp, black and white and supplied at 100% scale.
  • We will assume your art work is correct and at 100%
  • Only supply the artwork that is to be foiled or embossed with a position guide.
  • Allow at least 25mm from the grip and lay edges to the foil area.
  • Please lay up to SRA3 grip at top and right or bottom and left. Over SRA3 top and left.
  • Elements that are very close together may fill in when being foiled.
  • To prevent embossing puckering do not emboss close to the edge of the sheet.
  • Do not white out the area to be foiled as foil will cover and it stops any registration problems.
  • Maximum sheet size is 820 x 560, Impressions can cut B1 sheets to run as B2 if required.
  • Please ensure that print has enough drying time as foil will not adhere to wet ink.
  • Use aqueous sealant rather than oil based.
  • It is not possible to foil over UV varnish, leave at least 5mm around foil areas.
  • Envelopes made up can be foiled but not across thickness changes as this will create an uneven impression.
  • Deep embossing may not be compatible with laser printers so check intended equipment to be sure.
  • Embossed envelopes etc. Should be embossed before making up to stop the impression showing on both sides. We foil and emboss many envelopes before they are made up allowing amazing results to the finished item.
  • Embossing very thin lines will not raise very high (half as high as the thinnest line)

   Laser Cutting

  • Testing available.
  • Maximum sheet size SRA2
  • It is not possible to laser cut P.V.C. materials
  • Although we can etch anodised aluminum we cat not cut the sheet. Maximum cutting depth of vinyl is 12mm although thicker vinyl can be etched.

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